14 Spanish companies that manufacture masks bill € 80 million and create an employer association

Por: Market Research Telecast


Masks, gowns and PPE have become everyday products as a result of the health crisis. Before the Covid-19 very few companies focused their activity on the manufacture of these products. However, with the outbreak of the health crisis, 14 Spanish mask manufacturing companies have joined under the brand OESP reaching a turnover of up to 80 million euros.


The Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Masks, Gowns and PPE was founded in July 2020 due to the need for an organization that brings together manufacturers of medical devices. The objective: to reduce Spain’s dependence on third countries for the supply of masks and PPE in the midst of a pandemic.


The OESP is made up of 14 companies spread throughout the Spanish territory, representing more than 30% of the sector. The grouped companies are Vitaepharma, Pimedical, EuroMascarillas, Mascarillas Béjar Texil A. Ortiz, Effimed, Safe Iberia, Lauwood Healthcare, Fortia, Cothala 2020, Teelmask, VP Mascarillas and Grupo Samper Vañó.


Most of these companies did not exist before the outbreak of the pandemic and now they expect to bill up to 80 million euros for the sale of medical devices. It is a growing industry. It is reflected in their data: the entities that are part of the association generate more than 550 direct jobs and have a production capacity of 135 million masks per month.


From OESP they require the Government to be considered a strategic sector to achieve self-sufficiency at the European level. In addition, they demand that public administrations value the manufacture in Spain of these products in public tenders to strengthen a booming sector, with special emphasis on the fact that all members of the association have a license from the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS).


“This requirement is essential to belong to OESP because in this way we guarantee the technical quality of the manufactured products and highlight their value compared to other manufacturers, national and international, who do not have this certification,” he says. Francisco Sanchez, the president of the association.